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Our Minimal risk and a superior outcome are promised by our Agile + DevOps process.

Every organization has a unique perspective with mobile app development. Others merely want to build a mobile app to acquire a competitive edge in the market, while some firms want to reach their global market. We use Agile and DevOps approaches, which enable our developers to create custom solutions for various industries, to accomplish these various business goals.

Our Agile/DevOps techniques minimise associated risks and produce the best results from ideation to final deployment. With the use of these development techniques, we hope to create a mobile solution that is focused on meeting your individual needs. We have a group of skilled app developers who are adept at putting Agile and DevOps ideas into practise, minimising risks, assuring collaborative development, and streamlining the entire development process.

How our Agile methodology benefits your business

Our agile development methods adhere to the conventional iterative and incremental development methodology, which enables our developers to adjust to the shifting demands of the marketing industry. Agile implementation divides the process into smaller iterations rather than doing it all at once (sub-tasks). The goal is to allocate these little activities to the resources that are best suited for them and increase output throughout the app development process. No matter what kind of mobile app you intend to create, our Agile methodology offers a wealth of advantages. Several of these advantages include:

Exceptional Calibre

Thorough testing is a top importance during the entire Agile implementation process. At every stage of the development process, developers can eliminate errors, address problems, and enhance the user experience.

Maximum Effectiveness

Agile places a strong emphasis on teamwork to achieve high productivity. Our team achieves the utmost efficiency while delivering outcomes that are focused on the needs of the customer because of the collaborative approach.

Increased predictability

More predictability results from increased team productivity. During the early stages of the development process, developers can spot potential risks and put the proper procedures in place to lessen their effects.

More Flexibility

Large jobs can be broken down into smaller iterations using the iterative paradigm, making it simpler to implement changes based on user feedback or to respond to new market trends.

Easily scaleable

Another aspect that makes Agile a trustworthy development process is scalability. As your company starts to grow, our developers create scalable mobile solutions that can be upgraded with new functions.

Rapid delivery

Agile implementation promotes prompt delivery because it uses a collaborative development methodology. Timelines are shortened because it is simpler to incorporate changes, address defects, and launch the product when several teams collaborate.

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How We Apply the Agile Methodology

The main benefits of agile are its quick development cycles, non-linear development, and greater adaptability. The process is based on foreseeing issues and doing ongoing assessments to reach the end goals. The Scrum Masters on the Creative Giants Technologies team are highly qualified and accredited Agile specialists who can execute the methodology across sectors to successfully oversee the project development from the beginning. To maximize value for your organization, our process centers everything on your ultimate goals.


Evaluate and specify

The product development lifecycle begins here, when we learn about your idea, create workable solutions, and create a product backlog to accomplish your objectives. A roadmap of the features and deliverables that will turn your idea into a reality is contained in the backlog.


Planning and execution

After that, we move from the storyboard to the design phase, when our UI/UX specialists create a framework. Here, we employ the joint application design (JAD) technique to create your product's first iteration while closely collaborating with you to gather user opinions and comments.


Create and test prototypes

You can now access the app's features and actually download it. Based on the accepted design, we create a prototype with all of the features. This model is user-friendly and may be tested with actual individuals in real-time. We provide a visual roadmap that illustrates the design flows and demonstrates how users interact with the product.


QA and testing

This phase of the whole growth process is critical. We undertake manual and automated testing procedures on your product, including regression, unit, integrational, functional, and performance testing. We ensure that your software is bug-free and provides the necessary functionality to the consumers through our thorough testing and ongoing quality checks.


Deployment and upkeep

It's now time to take off! But this is not where our effort ends. As soon as the product is released, we get ready to gather customer comments and thoughts and assess the following phases. Our goal is to respond as quickly as possible to client feedback and incorporate the essential features to provide the desired performance. We offer all the assistance necessary to keep things stable and advance them.

How DevOps benefits your business

The main benefits of agile are its quick development cycles, non-linear development, and greater adaptability. The process is based on foreseeing issues and doing ongoing assessments to reach the end goals. The Scrum Masters on the Creative Giants Technologies team are highly qualified and accredited Agile specialists who can execute the methodology across sectors to successfully oversee the project development from the beginning. To maximise value for your organisation, our process centres everything on your ultimate goals.

Quick Deployment

The main USP of DevOps implementation is certainly speed. The operations team no longer needs to invest a lot of effort in setting up a separate test environment because of automated testing. Developers can create and test app components more quickly as a result, cutting down on the total time to market.

The idea of developing the code all at once is likewise opposed by DevOps. Developers instead produce code in tiny batches so that the QA team may test it instantly and correct any errors.

Customer-focused projects

Product owners participate throughout the development cycle in addition to developers and IT managers. They can communicate feedback to the development team and keep track of daily modifications to their product.

The developers can then execute the necessary modifications to make the product user-centric based on this feedback. Additionally, it increases openness throughout the development process, enabling clients to get value for their money.

Automated deployment and testing

Automation is one of the crucial elements in the implementation of DevOps, as we already said. DevOps used specialised testing tools to identify and eliminate errors rather than manually setting up the testing environments.

Automated testing eliminates bugs more successfully than manual testing. Additionally, developers can make use of tools to automatically update or correct bugs in the app so that it continues to provide the best user experience even after the development cycle is complete.

Maximum Security (Through DevSecOps)

It is essential for developers to put security first because cybercrimes are escalating on a global scale. DevOps may undeniably speed up the development process, but to produce secure digital solutions, the development teams must concentrate on establishing the proper security protocols. DevSecOps are then utilised in this situation.

The term "DevSecOps" refers to an expanded form of the term "DevOps" that incorporates an additional "security" phase into the development cycle. DevSecOps urges developers to uncover all security flaws at the first stages exclusively, rather than dealing with "security" issues in the later stages. Developers can then make the necessary adjustments to maintain the security.

How the DevOps Processis appliedDevOps Process

How does Creative Giants Technologies apply DevOps principles?

Creative Giants Technologies, a leader in the field, has used DevOps techniques to create both modestly sized and large-scale apps. We focus the 6Cs of the DevOps cycle while developing a DevOps model, which includes

Collaboration is essential to completing each DevOps project at Creative Giants Technologies in a timely manner and while meeting client needs. Starting at the beginning of the development cycle, all teams concerned are involved.

Instead of concentrating on their core strengths, everyone does thorough market research to generate concepts for creating unique products. Even the security teams discuss how to maintain the app's security throughout the development process.

Through the use of DevOps, Creative Giants Technologies has developed a number of successful mobile and web solutions.

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