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Our Custom Software Testing Services Ensure Your Application is Bug-Free

Our software development life cycle (SDLC) must include software testing if we are to deliver the highest level of quality in our mobile and web applications. We have a team of internal quality assurance specialists who focus on manual and automated testing as well as creating unique test environments to test your software in various circumstances. You may launch your product without being concerned about a subpar user experience thanks to our end-to-end software testing services.

Functional Testing

Our functional testing services make sure that your application provides the end users with the desired functionality. Our professionals create testing solutions during functional testing that specifically check the functioning of the app and guarantee that it complies with the required specifications. Our main goal with functional testing is to confirm that your program performs in a way that would keep consumers interested.

Non-Functional Testing

It takes more than excellent user experience to dominate the software market. It's also crucial to optimize non-functional factors to ensure that your application performs entirely from the perspective of the user. By creating unique test scenarios that are typically not covered by functional testing, our QA specialists test your software's security, performance, and overall usability via non-functional testing.

Security Testing

Additionally, our Quality Assurance team will assess the security flaws in your program and put the necessary safeguards in place to stop hackers from changing the security system as a whole. We strictly follow the OWASP (Open Web Security Project) principles to comprehensively verify the security mechanism of your application and remove any potential for unanticipated security breaches in order to protect critical consumer and corporate data.

Performance and Load Testing

We do process-oriented performance testing to ensure that your application performs at its peak functionality and under various conditions. We are aware that brand performance can be significantly impacted by any vulnerabilities discovered by end users. We provide test environments that automatically verify the functioning of the application under the anticipated workload because of this.

Agile & DevOps Testing

Nowadays, adopting agile and DevOps approaches is standard practice. However, due to the expensive scalability of enterprise software, it's always important to evaluate these agile and DevOps approaches to make sure the software delivers desired functionality and that multiple teams can work together at once. Our team analyzes the effectiveness of your agile/DevOps model using both human and automated testing techniques and then makes the necessary adjustments to improve it for better outcomes.

A/B Testing

Nowadays, adopting agile and DevOps approaches is standard practice. However, due to the expensive scalability of enterprise software, it's always important to evaluate these agile and DevOps approaches to make sure the software delivers desired functionality and that multiple teams can work together at once. Our team analyzes the effectiveness of your agile/DevOps model using both human and automated testing techniques and then makes the necessary adjustments to improve it for better outcomes.

Combining Manual and Automation Testing for Maximum Efficiency

Both manual and automated testing have advantages and disadvantages. It is ideal to consider the app requirements while selecting the best testing strategy in order to make the best choice. At Creative Giants Technologies, our QA specialists begin by comprehending your software needs and then choose the appropriate testing approach in line with those requirements.

We typically combine both manual and automation testing for enterprise-level applications (that contain too many modules) in order to get the best results. While the automation testing frameworks verify the app's overall functionality, our manual testers execute specific test cases to verify the app's main functionalities. In order to verify that your application satisfies the appropriate standards, all of our testing procedures closely follow the OWASP (Open Web Security Project) recommendations.

Advantages of Availing Our Software Testing Services

Launching digital solutions that provide a continuous user experience has grown more important due to the intense rivalry across industries. With the help of our software testing services, you can verify how well your app performs in various situations and be certain that it provides user-centric functionality.



Our experience lies in both manual and automated testing, and we provide process-oriented test solutions that are extremely accurate. Our QA team puts your application through a variety of test scenarios to ensure that it is fully functioning and easy to use. Ultimately, we want to deliver a flawless application so you can engage the target market more successfully.


Custom Test Solutions

We are aware that the features and functionality of each piece of software vary. Because of this, we create unique test environments that are intended to verify the essential components of a given piece of software. Our team provides end-to-end testing services for both web and mobile applications and has experience in both functional and non-functional testing.


Cost -Efficient

As an outsourcing development company, we offer reasonably priced software testing services. In addition to working with huge corporations, we have also assisted new and small businesses in getting their applications assessed without breaking the bank.


Comprehensive QA Expertise

At Creative Giants Technologies, we have a team of testing engineers on staff that are experts in both functional and non-functional testing and who adhere to the best testing procedures to assess the overall performance of your application in a variety of real-world scenarios.

Our Testing Approach

As a top provider of software testing services, we have created a results-driven testing methodology that enables the QA team to assess several facets of your application, including its performance, security, and usability, and make sure it is bug-free. We use a results-oriented methodology, even when using automation testing, to execute all required test scripts and evaluate each module of your application.

Why Choose Creative Giants Technologies?

12+ Years of Experience

For more than ten years, Creative Giants Technologies has provided customer-focused digital solutions. We have designed custom web and mobile solutions over the years for startups, small businesses, scaleups, and major corporations in order to better meet their business goals. We are the most dependable development partner for your next project due in large part to our significant experience. Read more..

120+ Members Team

At Creative Giants Technologies, we have devoted teams of more than 120 qualified personnel who are experts in a variety of technologies that best meet the needs of contemporary businesses. Our teams keep up with the most recent development technologies, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Swift, Flutter, ReactNative, WordPress, Kotlin, Angular, ReactJS, and NodeJS. We use these technologies in conjunction with unique marketing approaches to offer clients a cutting-edge digital solution for their brand. Read more..

High CSAT Score

We have spent the past 12 years working with the vision of developing web and mobile solutions that adhere to specific corporate objectives and satisfy clients' personal aspirations.Creative Giants Technologies has worked with more than 750 clients in 20 different countries and achieved a 9/10 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score as a result of this client-centric development methodology. We also have a stellar reputation as a leading supplier of digital solutions, with ratings of 5 stars on all significant directories including Clutch, UpWork, and BigFirms. Read more..

Agile Process

We constantly lead the way in implementing new development and methodology processes. Our engineers use tried-and-true Agile and DevOps approaches while working on various projects,which minimize the possibility of unforeseen errors and quicken the whole development cycle. We are able to deliver top-tier digital solutions ahead of schedule as a result. Read more..

Quality Infrastructure

One of the biggest IT companies in the nation, Creative Giants Technologies has a total space of 12,000 square feet. In order to ensure that the teams can work in a safe and fast-paced environment,resulting in optimal productivity, we have also established best-in-class IT infrastructure, including biometrics-protected access, fully-encrypted servers, and high-configuration systems. Read more..

NDA Guaranteed

Ideas don't appear suddenly! We always sign dedicated non-disclosure agreements to safeguard our clients' ideas since we recognize their worth.We never share any of our intellectual property with outside companies. In order to stop unauthorized users from stealing information, we have additionally built specialized encryption and firewall protection across the servers. Read more..

You’re in good company. Our customers loveus.

Our sales just went through the roof after we revamped our website and developed our app with Creative Giants Technologies. I’m quite pleased with their professionalism and team. Love their prompt responses too.

John Smith

CEO, Netten inc., Canada

The company is quite satisfied with the Creative Giants Technologies team’s performance throughout the duration of the project. The company appreciated the team’s reliability and cost-efficiency in carrying out their tasks. The company was most impressed by how the team was able to implement the features they needed.

Easwaran Kanason

Director, NrgEdge, Singapore

Creative Giants Technologies Softwares Pvt. Ltd. managed to finish the beta version of the project and it has received excellent feedback from the testers.The project manager was able to communicate effectively and smoothly with the client.

Aaron Brask

Investment Advisor, Florida, United States

Creative Giants Technologies was able to finish the project in a timely manner despite working in a different time zone. They were flexible, responsive, and cooperative during the project. One highlight of the partnership was the vendor’s ability to deeply understand the company’s needs to improve their project.

Bashar Al-Hussaini

Planner at City of Mississauga, Canada

The app’s free- and premium-membership users rose significantly since Creative Giants Technologies Softwares Pvt. Ltd.’s involvement. Internal stakeholders of the camping directory company praised the team’s reliability and ability to deliver what was required.


Director at Full Range Camping, Australia

The software launched successfully and the client was very satisfied with the team’s performance. The team fixed bugs quickly with no issues. The overall communication was wonderful, with daily updates on the progress from the team.


Managing Partner at Bowden Capital Partners, LLC, United States

The app successfully attracted users and caught the attention of investors.Creative Giants Technologies implemented a fluid Scrum methodology, created an outstanding product, and easily accommodated budget limitations.


CEO, Uvii, New York, United States

From the moment we started working with Creative Giants Technologies, I was impressed with their ability and attention to detail. Their prudent approach is also very comforting and I know that I’m in good hands.

Charles Fitzgerald

CEO, The Kewl Shop, United States

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Q. What is Software Testing and Why It’s Important?

Software testing refers to the process of running a software (mobile application or website) through different real-life test scenarios to evaluate its performance and eliminate potential bugs.

The primary objective of software testing is to ensure that all the modules of a particular software work properly in different situations. This way if there are any bugs, developers can eliminate them prior to launching the product in the market. The reason why software testing is an integral part of the development cycle is that it allows a development team to eradicate bugs that could damage the user experience after the deployment.

At Creative Giants Technologies, we adhere to both functional and non-functional testing practices to test a particular product under all circumstances. We don’t want any stones to be left unturned and that’s why our test services include end-to-end software testing.

Our team usually starts with functional testing to ensure that your product caters to all the specified business and user requirements. We then implement non-functional testing practices to ensure that there aren’t any security or performance loopholes in your application.

Both automation and manual testing have their own advantages. Choosing the right testing approach mainly depends on the particular project. For instance, automation testing has a relatively vast testing coverage, which means it can test a vast application more rapidly.

Manual testing, on the other hand, is comparatively more reliable as a professional tester can design a variety of test environments to test the application in multiple scenarios. At Creative Giants Technologies, we specialize in both manual and automation testing to ensure that clients’ applications don’t contain any unexpected bugs.

Security testing is an integral part of the overall testing process. At Creative Giants Technologies, our Quality Assurance team creates test environments to evaluate the security vulnerabilities of your application and eradicate them to deliver a completely secure user experience.

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