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Finding a career that is both relevant to one's skills and provides a good compensation in today's fast-paced environment can be very stressful. However, with the help of our completely customizable jobs marketplace solution, you can assist job seekers in finding the best opportunities while also facilitating the recruitment of qualified personnel for employers.

We have created a fully-functional, user-centric platform as an award-winning jobs portal app development firm that will streamline the hiring process and make it simple for job seekers to get in touch with the right employers. Candidates can use filters to hunt for pertinent positions around the world using features like geo-integration and multi-language support.

In order to improve the hiring process and find qualified personnel more quickly, our jobs portal also features a separate admin area where recruiters can manage all the applications, see their monthly stats, and automate responses.

A Sneak Peek at Our Jobs Portal That's Ready for Use

Our employment portal will make the process simple for everyone with distinct panels for candidates and companies.

Applicants' app

Allow job seekers to post their resumes, add
skills, and search for the best positions
aall in one location.

  • Post Your Resume
  • Boost Skills
  • Filters for Advanced Search
  • Recruit for Jobs
  • Share Opinions
  • Language Support in Several
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Admin Console

Through a dedicated Admin panel, you can
manage your entire traffic, analyses your users, and assess
the ROI.

  • User Statistics
  • Analytic Reports in Depth
  • User Research
  • Progress Report for the Month Customer Acquisition Rate
  • Include Job Categories
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Recruiters App

Companies will be able to reply to job inquiries,
arrange interviews, and control monthly metrics through
a dedicated employers' portal.

  • Add Company Profile
  • Email Automation Ads
  • Management Video Conferencing
  • In-Chat Support
  • Share Opinions
  • Reviews Management
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Site Portal

Candidates and employers can access all the features
of our jobs marketplace through a dedicated
online portal in addition to specialized mobile portals.
Then assess the ROI using a special Admin

  • Control Profiles
  • Find Jobs Locally
  • Post New Jobs
  • Make a business profile
  • Control resumes
  • Apply for New Positions
  • Answer job inquiries
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A completely customizable job market solution created just for you.

As one of the top firms developing job marketplace apps, we are aware that copying Indeed or Angelis exactly won't provide you a distinctive brand presence in the market. Because of this, we created a fully adaptable solution that you can quickly change by incorporating new APIs or including new features. To help you establish a comprehensive but distinctive jobs marketplace solution, our developers provide full customization support.

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Unique Characteristics of Our Jobs Portal

Our team has integrated all the required features to give recruiting agencies and potential applicants an end-to-end hiring solution thanks to their considerable expertise in the creation of recruitment apps.


CV Creator

The resume or CV serves as a candidate's first point of contact. Because of this, it's critical to properly construct CVs so that applicants are not immediately rejected. Users will be able to quickly generate their resumes using the built-in CV templates and share them with employers with just one click.


Filters for Advanced Search

Users will be able to filter the search results based on their skills, preferred location, industry, salary bracket, etc. with dedicated search filters. They can then apply right immediately for the most pertinent jobs without having to search through irrelevant suggestions. Users can also use sophisticated search filters to look for jobs abroad.


Support for Video Conferencing

The majority of firms prefer virtual interviews as the work-from-home culture becomes the new standard. Our Jobs platform will enable interviewers to conduct one-on-one interviews with the candidates without transferring to a different application like Google Meets or Zoom thanks to in-app video conferencing capability.


Career Development

Our Jobs Portal will automatically scan user profiles using deep AI-based profile analysis and present the best appropriate suggestions to help users plan their future professional journeys. To assist users in making the best career decisions, the software will automatically develop a career path.


Automated Email

Employers find it challenging to respond to every job application. However, with our jobs site, companies may specify a specific email template and set up their dashboard to automatically react to job inquiries with the right responses. The template could be changed or removed at any time by the employer.


Management of Ads

Companies who need to fill positions as soon as possible can also purchase targeted ads in the marketplace to guarantee that their profile shows up at the top of the search results. Employers would find it simpler to run and manage their advertising and monitor their success with an intuitive admin panel.


App Store Subscriptions

Give companies and candidates access to the app's premium features via a monthly subscription. Users of the premium version will have access to unlimited job applications, expert insights, resume quality ratings, and contact with advisers to help them find the greatest employment prospects.

What Is So Entertaining
About Our Jobs Marketplace Solution?

Our engineers gave user-friendliness and accessibility first priority while creating this jobs page. Users would be able to connect with the chosen employers in a few clicks thanks to a variety of features and cross-platform compatibility.

Shortened time to market

You won't have to wait months to enter the online environment with our employment marketplace solution that is ready to launch. You can deploy the product in 1-2 weeks, even if you wish to modify the jobs portal solution by modifying its user interface or integrating third-party APIs.

Reasonable Price

A ready-to-use recruitment solution won't break the bank in comparison to end-to-end jobs portal app development. Even if you wish to modify our meal delivery service to suit your unique business needs, it is still reasonably priced.

Simple Personalization

Our ready-to-launch jobs portal offers full modification support. You can alter the user interface or add more third-party APIs to improve overall functionality. You may quickly modify the app and introduce a unique employment marketplace in the market based on your target clients, business needs, and user habits.

Language Support in Several

Want to introduce a robust employment portal with international reach? Users can choose to visit our jobs portal in their local language and find appropriate positions in many countries thanks to our multi-language support. To make sure that end users can simply use all the functions of the app, we have included dedicated language packs.

Security-First Mentality

Our developers have used DAST and SAST testing procedures to examine all the security vulnerabilities and eliminate them to give comprehensive protection, ensuring that our jobs portal solution offers a completely secure experience to the end-users.

Regular Maintenance & Support

Following a successful product delivery, our development team also provides ongoing support & maintenance services to get rid of any potential issues that can degrade the user experience. Our developers will incorporate new features to further improve efficiency and provide the needed functionality based on customer feedback.

How comeCreative Giants Technologies?

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120+ Team Members

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High CSAT rating

We have spent the past 12 years working with the vision of developing web and mobile solutions that adhere to specific corporate objectives and satisfy clients' personal aspirations.Creative Giants Technologies has worked with more than 750 clients in 20 different countries and achieved a 9/10 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score as a result of this client-centric development methodology. We also have a stellar reputation as a leading supplier of digital solutions, with ratings of 5 stars on all significant directories including Clutch, Up Work, and Big Firms. Read more..

Agile Method

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Exceptional Infrastructure

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NDA Guaranteed

Ideas from NDA Guaranteed don't appear suddenly! We always sign dedicated non-disclosure agreements to safeguard our clients' ideas since we recognize their worth.We never share any of our intellectual property with outside companies. In order to stop unauthorized users from stealing information, we have additionally built specialized encryption and firewall protection across the servers. Read more..

You're withsome nice folks. Our clients adoreus.

After we updated our website and created our app using Creative Giants Technologies, our sales have skyrocketed. With their professionalism and team, I'm very happy. Love how quickly they respond as well.

John Smith

CEO, Netten inc., Canada

The performance of the Creative Giants Technologies team throughout the project has received high marks from the company. The team's efficiency and dependability in completing assignments were valued by the organization. The team's ability to develop the features they required most impressed the organization.

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Aaron Brask

Investment Advisor, Florida, United States

Creative Giants Technologies was able to finish the project in a timely manner despite operating in a foreign time zone. Throughout the process, they were adaptable, accommodating, and cooperative. The vendor's capacity to comprehend the company's wants in-depth in order to enhance the project was one of the partnership's high points.

Bashar Al-Hussaini

Planner at City of Mississauga, Canada

Since Creative Giants Technologies Software’s Pvt. the number of users of the app's free and premium memberships increased considerably. Participation of Ltd. The team received appreciation from internal stakeholders of the camping directory organization for its dependability and capacity to deliver what was needed.


Director at Full Range Camping, Australia

The client was thrilled with the team's work and the software's successful launch. With no problems, the crew swiftly fixed the bugs. Overall, the communication was excellent, and the team provided daily updates on their progress.


Managing Partner at Bowden Capital Partners, LLC, United States

Investors and customers alike were drawn to the software, which was developed by Creative Giants Technologies, which also produced an excellent product while working under a tight budget.


CEO, Uvii, New York, United States

I was impressed with Creative Giants Technologies's skill and attention to detail as soon as we began working with them. Their cautious approach is also reassuring, and I feel secure knowing that I'm in capable hands.

Charles Fitzgerald

CEO, The Kewl Shop, United States

Some of the top peoplein the fieldacknowledge our abilities..

Rating 4.8
Rating 4.96
Rating 4.8
Rating 10
Rating 4.9
Rating 4.9
Rating 98%


Q. What Functions Does a Job Market Serve?

It is now simpler for job seekers to apply for positions that best match their skill sets because to multi-industry establishment. However, candidates and employers will be able to simply expedite the entire hiring process with an all-in-one employment marketplace.

Users will be able to exclude irrelevant job requirements with advanced search filters and only see search results relevant to their skill set. Employers will also be able to locate a trustworthy and qualified personnel for their business.

Our jobs portal is affordable and accessible to anyone. As an offshore development firm, we have created a completely cost-effective Jobs Marketplace solution that you can use without breaking the bank. Our Jobs Site will be much less expensive than having the jobs portal built from scratch, even with customizations and third-party integrations.

For our job board, the time to market typically takes two to three weeks. However, the time to market could also go up if you wish to add new features or alter the design. You may debut your bespoke jobs portal on the market in no more than 4-5 weeks, though.

Once your job board is operational, we'll hand over full responsibility to your team. However, we'll keep providing support and maintenance services to make sure your jobs portal is bug-free and offers a positive user experience.

We are aware that there are many Android and iOS users on the market. In order to provide the same functionality and user experience across all devices, our developers created a cross-platform employment portal.

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