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A Fully Customizable Pharmacy Solution Can
Help You Grow Your Pharmacy Business.

The newest development in the digital world is the use of on-demand solutions. Customers rely heavily on home delivery services since they lack the time to travel to actual businesses to purchase various goods. Even the situation of drugs is not unique. The majority of people prefer to have their medications delivered to their homes rather than going to specialized pharmacies.

Because of this, the need for on-demand pharmaceutical apps is quickly rising. In order to find nearby pharmacies, send e-prescriptions, and receive medications delivered to their doorstep, our developers at Creative Giants Technologies have created a ready-to-launch medicine delivery solution. Launching a dedicated pharmacy app with our ready-to-launch pharmacy solution will enable you to assist clients in avoiding the seemingly endless lines at the apothecary stores

Uncovering OurPharmacy Solutionin a Sneak Peek

Use a Full-Scale medicine delivery platform that has distinct portals for customers, pharmacy-store owners, and delivery personnel to streamline the complete medication distribution procedure.

Client Portal

Allow clients to quickly search
for nearby medical stores, check inventory,
and place orders.

  • Nearby Stores
  • Search Filters
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Order Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Support Payment
  • Compatibility for AR
  • weekly Alerts
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Shop-Pharmacy Portal

Pharmacists will be able to manage their
orders and quickly address consumer requests
thanks to an intuitive admin interface.

  • Inventory Control
  • Attend to client requests
  • Order Control
  • Customer Service
  • Regular Payments
  • Monthly Sales Analytics Support
  • In-App Chat Weekly Alerts
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Vehicle App

Provide real-time direction updates to the delivery
staff so they may determine the fastest path to the clients'
doorsteps and deliver the medications as soon as feasible.

  • Route Calculation
  • Status Update
  • Order Specifics
  • Compensation and Commissions
  • Client Comments Monthly Alerts
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For Your Business Goals, a Fully Customizable Pharmacy Solution

As a reputable pharmacy app development firm, we are aware that it would be pointless to provide a carbon copy of an already successful medication distribution system. Because of this, we developed a fully configurable pharmacy solution that you can adjust to suit your company's needs. Our developers will work with you to customize the software from adding third-party APIs to modifying app layouts so that you can introduce a distinctive pharmacy solution.

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Exclusive Features of Our
Pharmacy Solutionin Ready-to-Use

Usability is the most important component to launch a successful product in the market when it comes to on-demand solutions. Our team has created a feature-rich cross-platform solution as a professional pharmacy app development firm to enable users to get medications from anywhere they choose.



Users will be able to upload their electronic prescriptions as well as images of paper prescriptions via the customers' app. The app will automatically send alerts to local drugstores, and they will respond to the users with information regarding the status of the particular medications' availability. In order for users to order the necessary medication on time, the app will deliver monthly reminders and allow users to save electronic prescriptions for their profiles.


Query Filters

Users could utilize specific filters while browsing for specific medications to identify medications with the proper chemical concentrations. Additionally, customers can use sophisticated filters to set a search radius, a preferred pharmaceutical manufacturer, and a price range. This will enable them to find the best medications without having to wait in lengthy lines at the pharmacy.


Compliance With HIPAA

To ensure that all information sent between customers and pharmacists is secure, our pharmacy solution strictly complies with HIPAA regulations. Patients' medical histories are always secure because of HIPAA compliance, and nobody else has any access to them at all.


Alternate Medicine Advice

If none of the local drugstores carry the medications a user is seeking for, the app will automatically offer substitute alternatives that have the same chemical make-up and salt levels.


Order Control

Customers and pharmacists can handle all of their orders using their individual sites. While customers may monitor the status of their purchases in real-time, pharmacists will receive notifications when new orders are placed, deal with order requests, and verify the payment status of each order via an intuitive admin panel.


Follow Orders

Users would get the most up-to-date location information for their orders through a dedicated Google MAPs API integration. Customers will also be able to contact the delivery personnel using the app at any moment to get real-time order updates.


AR Support

Additionally, our pharmacy solution supports augmented reality (AR). Users might instantly learn about a medicine's chemical makeup, salt content, and even its most common uses by aiming the device's camera at the container. Users could also determine whether a product was available in neighboring pharmacies by scanning the package.


Medication Reminders

Utilizing push notifications, medication reminders are sent to clients on a monthly basis so they may properly stock up on all the required medications. Additionally, you may set up push notifications to inform users of new deals and discounts.


Reviews of Pharmacies

Customers can offer reviews and feedback for a specific pharmacy shop based on their purchasing experiences, helping other customers determine whether the customer service is worthwhile for them to spend their money on.

What Is So Entertaining About
Our Pharmacy Solution?

Our pharmacy app is a prime illustration of Creative Giants Technologies's significant accomplishment in introducing cutting-edge solutions to the market. We have created a standalone solution with skilled end-to-end pharmacy app developers that gives a seamless user experience and enables users to order medications without leaving their homes.

Shortened time to market

You won't have to wait months to enter the digital world with our pharmacy solution that is ready to launch. You can release the app in two to three weeks, even if you wish to modify it by adjusting its UI or adding third-party APIs.

Reasonable Price

Choosing a ready-to-use pharmacy app will not strain your budget in comparison to end-to-end pharmacy app development. Even if you wish to modify our pharmacy solution to suit your unique business needs, it is still reasonably priced.

Simple Personalization

Our ready-to-market pharmacy solution's major USP is full customization support. Since the source code is open-source, you can change it whenever you wish to include new features. To enter the market with a unique pharmaceutical solution, you may also add new modules, incorporate third-party APIs, and change the overall look of the app.

Language Support in Several

Want to introduce a pharmacy app with plenty of features in several nations? Users can choose to access our pharmacy solution in their local language thanks to multi-language support. To make sure that end users can simply use all the functions of the app, we have included dedicated language packs.

Security-First Mentality

Our developers have used the DAST and SAST testing procedures to examine all the security vulnerabilities and eliminate them to give comprehensive security for our pharmacy solution, ensuring it delivers the end-users a completely secure experience.

Regular Maintenance & Support

Following a successful product delivery, our development team also provides ongoing support & maintenance services to get rid of any potential issues that can degrade the user experience. Our developers will incorporate new features to further improve efficiency and provide the needed functionality based on customer feedback.

Why Do You WantCreative Giants Technologies?

12 Years and More of Experience

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We have spent the past 12 years working with the vision of developing web and mobile solutions that adhere to specific corporate objectives and satisfy clients' personal aspirations. Creative Giants Technologies has worked with more than 750 clients in 20 different countries and achieved a 9/10 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score as a result of this client-centric development methodology. We also have a stellar reputation as a leading supplier of digital solutions, with ratings of 5 stars on all significant directories including Clutch, UpWork, and BigFirms. Read more..

Agile Method

We constantly lead the way in implementing new development and methodology techniques. Our engineers use tried-and-true Agile and DevOps approaches while working on various projects, which minimize the possibility of unforeseen errors and quicken the whole development cycle. We are able to deliver top-tier digital solutions ahead of schedule as a result. Read more..

Exceptional Infrastructure

One of the biggest IT companies in the nation, Creative Giants Technologies has a total space of 12,000 square feet. In order to ensure that the teams can work in a safe and fast-paced environment, resulting in optimal productivity, we have also established best-in-class IT infrastructure, including biometrics-protected access, fully-encrypted servers, and high-configuration systems. Read more..

NDA Guaranteed

Ideas from NDA Guaranteed don't appear suddenly! We always sign dedicated non-disclosure agreements to safeguard our clients' ideas since we recognize their worth. We never share any of our intellectual property with outside companies. In order to stop unauthorized users from stealing information, we have additionally built specialized encryption and firewall protection across the servers. Read more..

You'rewith some nice folks. Our clients adore us.

After we updated our website and created our app using Creative Giants Technologies, our sales have skyrocketed. With their professionalism and team, I'm very happy. Love how quickly they respond as well.

John Smith

CEO, Netten inc., Canada

The performance of the Creative Giants Technologies team throughout the project has received high marks from the company. The team's efficiency and dependability in completing assignments were valued by the organization. The team's ability to develop the features they required most impressed the organization.

Easwaran Kanason

Director, NrgEdge, Singapore

The beta version of the project was completed by Creative Giants Technologies Software’s Pvt. Ltd., and the testers gave it very positive reviews. With the client, the project manager was able to interact efficiently and effectively.

Aaron Brask

Investment Advisor, Florida, United States

Creative Giants Technologies was able to finish the project in a timely manner despite operating in a foreign time zone. Throughout the process, they were adaptable, accommodating, and cooperative. The vendor's capacity to comprehend the company's wants in-depth in order to enhance the project was one of the partnership's high points.

Bashar Al-Hussaini

Planner at City of Mississauga, Canada

Since Creative Giants Technologies Software’s Pvt. the number of users of the app's free and premium memberships increased considerably. Participation of Ltd. The team received appreciation from internal stakeholders of the camping directory organization for its dependability and capacity to deliver what was needed.


Director at Full Range Camping, Australia

The client was thrilled with the team's work and the software's successful launch. With no problems, the crew swiftly fixed the bugs. Overall, the communication was excellent, and the team provided daily updates on their progress.


Managing Partner at Bowden Capital Partners, LLC, United States

Investors and customers alike were drawn to the software, which was developed by Creative Giants Technologies, which also produced an excellent product while working under a tight budget.


CEO, Uvii, New York, United States

I was impressed with Creative Giants Technologies's skill and attention to detail as soon as we began working with them. Their cautious approach is also reassuring, and I feel secure knowing that I'm in capable hands.

Charles Fitzgerald

CEO, The Kewl Shop, United States

Some of the top people in the field acknowledgeour abilities. FAQs.

Rating 4.8
Rating 4.96
Rating 4.8
Rating 10
Rating 4.9
Rating 4.9
Rating 98%


Q. What is the average time it takes to launch your pharmacy app?

You can release the finished product in as little as one to two weeks using our pharmaceutical solution that is ready to use. The time-to-market could, however, extend by up to 3–4 weeks if you intend to modify its features, alter the design, or incorporate new APIs. In any situation, though, our staff will adhere to a tried-and-true process to make sure you may use the finished product as soon as possible.

Our team has created a cost-effective pharmacy app that is a fraction of the price of full-scale app development as an offshore pharmacy app development firm. You won't have to break the bank to launch a custom product with the help of our ready-made pharmacy solution. Our pharmacy solutions will be affordable even with app customization and third-party connections.

Yes, we've created a cross-platform pharmacy solution that works the same way and has the same user interface on iOS and Android.

Our team will hand over complete ownership of the app to you after the last deployment. However, if you employ our post-development maintenance services, Creative Giants Technologies programmers will tinker with the source code to make crucial adjustments so that your app offers a browsing experience that is focused on the user.

A custom pharmacy app can be created using our end-to-end pharmacy app development services in addition to the ready-to-use pharmacy solution at Creative Giants Technologies. Our team will carry out a thorough business analysis to assess the goals of the brand, any potential difficulties, and create a unique development strategy in accordance.

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