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By 2024, around 270 million people are anticipated to utilize an online dating service, according to Statista. These demographics unmistakably show that one of the sectors with the fastest current growth is online dating.

Around the world, people find it far simpler to swipe right on their cellphones to discover their partner than to go on a blind date. The dating app developers at Creative Giants Technologies have created a unique on-demand dating solution with this new dating trend in mind that might help enter the online dating market and build a sizable user base.

Finding a spouse can occasionally prove to be a challenge in a world when everyone is focused on achieving their ambitions. We created an all-in-one mobile dating solution to address this issue, allowing users to apply criteria and find dates with a quick right swipe. We have incorporated a few unique elements to set our dating service apart from the competition because we are aware that Tinder now dominates the online dating market.

You can easily take the lead in the online dating industry and imitate Tinder's success if your platform has an intuitive user experience and a tone of features. Our dating mobile app development solution also offers sophisticated customization options because it is an on-demand service. You can modify the source code in accordance with your company's goals, from UI tweaks to the integration of third-party APIs.

Introducing Our Dating App Solution: A Sneak Peek

A complete dating solution with a user interface similar to Tinder for the end users and an intuitive admin panel for the backend staff. With the help of our dating service, users may simply locate matches and meet with others who share their interests.

Client App

With a user-friendly interface and swipe functionality similar to Tinder, let users explore the world of online dating and find dates virtually.

  • Authentication of Users
  • Suggestions & Auto Matches
  • Privacy Support
  • Profile Control
  • Protection from Spam
  • Geotagging
  • Date Scheduler
  • Language Support in Several
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Admin Console

Your internal team might review monthly analytic statistics with thorough breakdowns of user acquisition, traffic, and new subscription as end users search for dates online. You may also use the admin panel to run exclusive deals for your important users.

  • Unbroken Integration
  • Instantaneous Subscription
  • Scheduling Push Notifications
  • Promotions and Offers Management
  • Traffic Analysis in Real Time
  • Average Rate of Customer Acquisition
  • User Profile Administration
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Create a Unique Dating Platform That Can Be Fully Customized.

Launching a perfect Tinder copy would be pointless, right? For this reason, our dating solution offers a fully customizable user interface that you can modify to give the users a tailored browsing experience. To add distinctive functionality to your dating solution and create a strong brand presence in the market, our experts may also construct bespoke APIs for third-party app integrations in addition to changing the layout and theme.

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Offering Unique Features,
Our Dating App Solution

With our on-demand dating service, user friendliness has taken precedence over everything else. Our dating app developers have incorporated a number of features that will make it simpler for users to locate the ideal match online in order to accomplish this aim. These qualities consist of:


Advanced Search Filters

Users can set their preferences and get tailored search results by using a variety of filters. We have included over ten search filters so that users can view profile recommendations that most closely match their interests.


Auto-Matching Algorithms

As one of the top companies creating dating apps, we have created intricate algorithms to ease users' anxiety during the entire dating process. The algorithms will automatically find out relevant matches and display suggestions by looking at users' behavior patterns and favorite activities.


AI and Facial Recognition Support

To assist individuals obtain the best search results, our dating service includes specific facial recognition capabilities in addition to behavioral algorithms. Our dating service offers facial recognition matching support as a result of the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), allowing users to meet people who most closely match their profile.



Do you know how to start a discussion that has the potential to be the first spark? Sending individualized stickers that don't appear mechanical. Thanks to augmented reality (AR), users of our dating service can design their own unique stickers and store them for easy access. Instead of using generic emoticons in the talks, the user will be able to add a personal touch and have a more enjoyable dating experience thanks to a personalized sticker.


Date preparation

It's never simple to arrange a date online, especially when it involves two people meeting for the first time. Well, not anymore! Our dating solution would automatically determine the best dating location for a pair in the neighborhood by analyzing their interests using sophisticated search algorithms and geo-integration. The software will also provide real-time navigation once the two people have decided on the ideal date location to assist them in finding ways inside the app.


Left/Right Swipe

Users of our dating app can quickly reject someone or send a match request using the right/left swipe option. Users can swipe up in addition to right/left in order to view a person's full profile.


Privacy Protection

Every online dating site is concerned about user privacy. We have addressed these security issues with our on-demand dating product by implementing sophisticated privacy settings. Users can personalize their privacy settings to keep their personal information secure and to hide their profiles from users they don't know.


App Store Purchases

One of the most popular ways that dating platforms generate cash is through "In-app Purchases." With our dating solution, you may charge for extra services (like extra swipes or no-distance restrictions) and dramatically increase your company's revenue. To guard against risks to consumers' financial information online, we have implemented a secure payment channel.

Why Is Our
Dating Solution So Entertaining?

Mobile on-demand solutions are gaining popularity every day. On-demand solutions, as opposed to full-scale app development, have a short waiting period and can be implemented in a matter of weeks (instead of several months). Our on-demand dating service at Creative Giants Technologies is built to have a quick time-to-market and a greater user acquisition rate. Several aspects that set our dating service apart are as follows:

Shortened time to market

You won't have to wait months to enter the digital world with our healthcare solution that is ready to launch. You can launch the dating app in 1-2 weeks, even if you wish to modify the dating solution by modifying its user interface or adding third-party APIs.

Reasonable Price

A ready-to-use dating solution is less expensive than developing a full-fledged dating software from scratch. Even if you wish to modify our dating solution to suit your unique business needs, it is still reasonably priced.

Easy Customization

Our dating solution offers total customizability, allowing you to change layout components and even add new modules and APIs to create a distinctive dating app for the market. Our staff will work with you to ensure that the app meets your business needs throughout the customizing process.

Language Support in Several

Want to introduce a healthcare app with plenty of features in several nations? Users can choose to utilize our dating service in their local language thanks to our multilingual support. To make sure that end users can simply use all the functions of the app, we have included dedicated language packs.

Security-First Mentality

Our experts have used DAST and SAST testing procedures to examine all the security flaws and eliminate them to give complete protection, ensuring that our dating solution offers a totally secure experience to the end-users.

Regular Maintenance & Support

Following a successful product delivery, our development team also provides ongoing support & maintenance services to get rid of any potential issues that can degrade the user experience. Our developers will incorporate new features to further improve efficiency and provide the needed functionality based on customer feedback.

Why Do You WantCreative Giants Technologies?

12+ Years of Experience

For more than ten years, Creative Giants Technologies has provided customer-focused digital solutions. We have designed custom web and mobile solutions over the years for startups, small businesses,scales, and major corporations in order to better meet their business goals. We are the most dependable development partner for your next project due in large part to our significant experience. Read more..

120+ Team Members

At Creative Giants Technologies, we have devoted teams of more than 120 skilled resources who are experts in a variety of technologies that best meet the needs of contemporary businesses.Our teams keep up with the most recent development technologies, including Magneto, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Swift, Flutter, React Native, WordPress, Katlin, Angular, Reacts, and Nodes. We use these technologies in conjunction with unique marketing approaches to offer clients a cutting-edge digital solution for their brand. Read more..

High CSAT rating

We have spent the past 12 years working with the vision of developing web and mobile solutions that adhere to specific corporate objectives and satisfy clients' personal aspirations. Creative Giants Technologies has worked with more than 750 clients in 20 different countries and achieved a 9/10 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score as a result of this client-centric development methodology. We also have a stellar reputation as a leading supplier of digital solutions, with ratings of 5 stars on all significant directories including Clutch, Up Work, and Big Firms. Read more..

Agile Method

We constantly lead the way in implementing new development and methodology techniques. Our engineers use tried-and-true Agile and DevOps approaches while working on various projects, which minimize the possibility of unforeseen errors and quicken the whole development cycle. We are able to deliver top-tier digital solutions ahead of schedule as a result. Read more..

Exceptional Infrastructure

One of the biggest IT companies in the nation, Creative Giants Technologies has a total space of 12,000 square feet. In order to ensure that the teams can work in a safe and fast-paced environment,resulting in optimal productivity, we have also established best-in-class IT infrastructure, including biometrics-protected access, fully-encrypted servers, and high-configuration systems. Read more..

NDA Promised

Ideas from NDA Guaranteed don't appear suddenly! We always sign dedicated non-disclosure agreements to safeguard our clients' ideas since we recognize their worth. We never share any of our intellectual property with outside companies. In order to stop unauthorized users from stealing information, we have additionally built specialized encryption and firewall protection across the servers. Read more..

You're withsome nice folks.Our clients adore us.

After we updated our website and created our app using Creative Giants Technologies, our sales have skyrocketed. With their professionalism and team, I'm very happy. Love how quickly they respond as well.

Mr Smith

Canadian CEO of Netted Inc.

The performance of the Creative Giants Technologies team throughout the project has received high marks from the company. The team's efficiency and dependability in completing assignments were valued by the organization. The team's ability to develop the features they required most impressed the organization.

Easwaran Kanason

Director, Dredge, Singapore

The beta version of the project was completed by Creative Giants Technologies Software’s Pvt. Ltd., and the testers gave it very positive reviews. With the client, the project manager was able to interact efficiently and effectively.

Aaron Brask

Investment advisor, Florida, USA

Creative Giants Technologies was able to finish the project in a timely manner despite operating in a foreign time zone. Throughout the process, they were adaptable, accommodating, and cooperative. The vendor's capacity to comprehend the company's wants in-depth in order to enhance the project was one of the partnership's high points.

Bashar Al-Hussaini

Planner at City of Mississauga, Canada

Since Creative Giants Technologies Software’s Pvt. the number of users of the app's free and premium memberships increased considerably. Participation of Ltd. The team received appreciation from internal stakeholders of the camping directory organization for its dependability and capacity to deliver what was needed.


Director at Full Range Camping, Australia

The client was thrilled with the team's work and the software's successful launch. With no problems, the crew swiftly fixed the bugs. Overall, the communication was excellent, and the team provided daily updates on their progress.


Managing Partner at Bowden Capital Partners, LLC, United States

Investors and customers alike were drawn to the software, which was developed by Creative Giants Technologies, which also produced an excellent product while working under a tight budget.


CEO, Uvii, New York, United States

I was impressed with Creative Giants Technologies's skill and attention to detail as soon as we began working with them. Their cautious approach is also reassuring, and I feel secure knowing that I'm in capable hands.

Charles Fitzgerald

CEO, The Kewl Shop, United States

Some of thetop people inthe field acknowledgeour abilities..

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Rating 98%


Q. What is the most widely used monetization strategy for dating apps?

When the process of creating a dating mobile app is complete, app publishers decide on several income structures. While some apps make money from monthly subscriptions, others do so by allowing in-app sales. Some of the most well-liked business models for dating apps are listed below:

  • Model of subscription
  • AdSense third-party advertisement for in-app purchases

To monetize your dating app, as an app publisher, you may select one or a mix of these revenue models. The user experience must not be compromised, regardless of the approach you use, or you risk losing potential clients.

Because our dating solution is reasonably priced, you may start a personalized dating app without going over your allotted spending limit. It's also important to note that adding features and API connections could increase the price of the software and increase its overall cost. Share your customized needs with our developers if you need an exact price, and we'll get you a quote that takes it into account.

You can launch your exclusive dating app in a week with our ready-to-use dating solution. However, this time frame can also extend, and the app deployment process could take up to two to three weeks if there are customizations and additional integrations. In any scenario, our tried-and-true agile methodology will reduce time-to-market and enable you to launch your dating app as soon as possible.

Yes! In addition to our fully functional on-demand solution, we also provide dating mobile app development services. Our developers have the necessary skills to turn your vision into a reality, whether you want to create a dating app similar to Tinder or a specialized dating platform with special features.

We created a cross-platform dating app that runs on both iOS and Android with the rising demand of cross-platform solutions in mind. However, you can also use our native dating mobile app development services to create a stand-alone app for a single OS if you want to draw users to a specific platform.

No! Our on-demand dating service's source code will be entirely yours once you buy it. Even the code can be changed to incorporate new APIs and provide a customized user experience.

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