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Kreative Design is an animation service provider known for its content creation services and IT solutions. They provide a wide range of animation services that includes 3D advertising, industrial designs, logo designs and animation, motion graphics, e-learning video creation, and visual effects for all industries and corporate sectors.

These digital tool advancements bring innovative animation ideas to life and help marketers and potential users to deliver their message to the target audience. These animation services are in high demand these days which creates an opportunity for animation apps. Mainly there are not many animation app options for users on the Play Store. So to avail of this opportunity, Kreative Design contacted us for our app development services.

Could We Build an Animation App for Kreative Design?

We have a team of experts who are aware of the industry trends and the latest technologies required for building an animation app. We have an incredible history of developing apps for businesses across different industries. Therefore, when Kreative Design searched for app development services, they chose us among multiple digital marketing firms for our reliable services.


Developing an animation app with a robust infrastructure that supports character rigging and skeletal animation causes significant design and technical challenges. Our developers use advanced algorithms for motion capture functions, and to smoothen animations between keyframes.

We had to build a responsive application with an organized layout and engaging visuals while maintaining compatibility across all devices, screen sizes, and resolutions. We had to integrate a wide range of animation features to facilitate user needs and demands. We had to ensure collaboration so users can share and export their animations while maintaining data integrity and user privacy.


For a user-friendly interface, we use familiar design patterns and responsive design principles to enhance user experience. We added tooltips, video tutorials, and an interactive guide to facilitate users to understand features and functionalities. We incorporated innovative animation tools and customization options to cater to users with different preferences.

We utilized cross-platform development frameworks to ensure compatibility and accessibility. Moreover, we adapt popular animation file formats and collaboration features which allow multiple users to work together on the same animation file. To protect users’ data and privacy, we implemented the latest encryption techniques. To avoid storage limitations, we offered local and cloud storage options.

1 Animation Features

These are some features we incorporated in Kreative Design to create animation sequences, organize animation elements, and apply effective visuals to engage our users with innovative tools and technologies.

  • • Keyframe Animation
  • • Layering
  • • Drawing and Brush Tools
  • • Rigging and Character Animation
  • • Facial Animation and Emotion Capture

2 Polygon Modeling

Polygon Modeling is an important technique for 3D Animation to create digital objects and characters. It involves integrating 3D modeling software for architectural visualization and product designs which helps users to make detailed 3D objects and characters with a unique animation experience.

  • • Vertex Editing
  • • Gesture-Based Animation
  • • Edge and Face Manipulation
  • • Material and Shading
  • • UV Unwrapping

3 3D Animation Functionality

3D animation brings imagination to life by creating captivating characters through advanced graphics techniques. It is useful for creating professional animations for brand logos, cartoons, and films. We added the following features for 3D animation:

  • • 3D Model Import
  • • Material and Texture Mapping
  • • Environment and Scene Editing
  • • Skeletal Animation
  • • 3D Motion Capture Integration

4 Branding Functionalities

Branding Functionalities are specially designed for marketers and media planners. These features create visually engaging content for the target audience and deliver consistent brand animations that align with the brand identity and mission statements. We incorporated the following branding functionalities:

  • • Logo Animation
  • • Color and Theme Customization
  • • Motion Graphics Templates
  • • Animated Social Media Covers and Banners
  • • Animated Brand Mascots or Characters


Developing an animation app was challenging as compared to other applications. We have to put in high-level technical skills and capabilities to ensure compatibility and performance. Animation apps have a lot of features and functionalities to facilitate users which means it requires a robust infrastructure with accurate algorithms. After implementing all these tactics, we finally launched Kreative Design and it was a great success. Users loved the application and positive reviews were observed.

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