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Writing is a part of every industry where it plays multiple roles but it requires concentration and focus. In today’s digital landscape, content creation is the most trending skill with intense competition. Therefore, digital creators, students, writers, and marketers are actively looking for applications that can eliminate distractions and enhance productivity. Such apps can contribute to creating compelling content for the target audience.

Finest Draft wanted to grab this opportunity to expand its business services. When they discuss the idea of developing a powerful tool to remove distractions to make writing better. Our experts get on board with this new challenging project. After thorough research about the latest technologies, features, and customer demands, we proceed with the app development.

How can we Add Value to a Writing & Editing Application?

We have experience in developing writing apps which have increased our knowledge about industry best practices and the changing customer demands. Our experts carry out deep research on customer preferences and behavior before launching a new application. This helps us to identify the gap that we fill by bringing the new app with the user’s desired features. When we were given the task of developing a distraction-free mobile writing application, we integrated the latest features and functionalities to enhance the user experience for the writing process.


Designing an application with advanced functionalities which serves as a distraction-free text editor was challenging. Our developers carefully craft a simple layout with an appropriate color scheme and font size to establish an environment that promotes concentration and readability while ensuring a visually appealing user experience. Moreover, we had to incorporate formatting features that are compatible with Word proceedings tools and other file formats to ensure collaboration and document sharing. We had to ensure compatibility with external tools and software which was another significant challenge.


Our developers followed a minimalist approach to keep a balance between simplicity and functionality. We optimize the performance of core functionalities while integrating basic formatting features like text styling, headings, and font size. For a user-friendly interface, we made an organized layout with proper headings and sections so users can easily navigate and explore the app’s features. We further incorporated algorithms to ensure compatibility with external software and across different screen sizes and resolutions.

We ensure there are no distractions for the users to provide them with an environment where they can concentrate on writing. Apart from our classic layout, we incorporated auto-save features, storage backup, and customization options to facilitate user needs and demands. We implemented a word count tracker and monthly writing goal tracker so users can monitor their performance and the progress they have made in a certain time. These features give Final Draft a competitive edge to sustain itself in the digital market.


Finest Draft has innovative features and functionalities that make it unique from other applications. Shortly after its launch, it was downloaded by millions of iOS and Android users. We monitor the app’s performance and observe positive feedback from users. The app was rated more than the average ratings which reflects user satisfaction and our capabilities. Our client was more than happy as this application generated huge revenue and earned them loyal customers.

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