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EZ Ride connects drivers and riders on one platform and offers various modes of transportation to make the commuting experience comfortable and more flexible. This platform provides convenient transportation solutions to its users with different routes and pricing options. EZ Ride mainly earns through gross bookings on their platform by charging fees. Thus, expanding their business to multiple riders and drivers could contribute to valuable profit.

EZ Ride identifies emerging technology and understands the need of incorporating the latest features to make the booking process easy and efficient. EZ Ride wanted to position itself in the transport market by gaining a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run. Therefore, after thorough research about different app-building companies, they selected CGT for its app-building services.

Why Us?

CGT has a remarkable history of creating applications for numerous businesses. We have reliable experts with valuable expertise and technical capabilities who can design applications while ensuring scalability and usability. CGT follows a vision to provide quality services that are in the best interest of its customers. Our team of experts understand the future technology and develops an application that captures potential customers for the long term, generating profits and brand loyalty among users. Therefore, we contributed to delivering a customized solution that was a gamer changer for EZ Ride.


In this modern life, people have no time for daily commute issues. Providing them with the feasibility to choose any mode of transport that fits their budget is the greatest flexibility for customers. We integrated a multi-model for different modes of transport which was a significant challenge. We had to incorporate mechanisms and algorithms that provide real-time updates and perform well under heavy loads of users. Developing an application that includes all the latest features and to make this app performance efficient when 10000’s of users will be using this app at the same time were the two biggest challenges.


We developed robust APIs to integrate with various transportation service providers and added efficient algorithms for diverse data formats, service providers, and fare structures. We incorporated custom features like pricing and vehicle options allowing users to choose the service they want to avail. Our experts implement intelligent routing algorithms to provide optimal routes and real-time traffic updates.

While including advanced functionalities, we assure this application is compatible with all devices and has a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, we optimize its performance to provide exceptional customer service. Ride-hailing eliminates accessibility and loading issues, enhancing conversions. Following are the features we included in this application:

  • Easy Sign-up Portal
  • Ride Scheduling & Rescheduling
  • Real-Time Tracking Integration
  • Vehicle Search
  • Fare Calculation

1Easy Sign-up Portal

An easy sign-up portal is where you first interact with your customer. We need to make sure that signing up is a user-friendly process that does not take a lot of time. As there is a high chance, a user will leave the application if they face a problem in signing up. We integrated Google, Facebook and phone numbers to assist users in signing up.

2 Ride Scheduling & Rescheduling

The ride-hailing app allows users to cancel the ride anytime they want. This removes the possibility where users back down because they are obliged to avail of the service. Although, there will be a time frame for free cancellation.

3 Real-Time Tracking Integration

When a user books a ride, the real-time location helps the rider track the exact location of the user. With advanced GPA options, ride-hailing avoids confusion in locating routes and the location of the user. The app includes Google Maps which assist riders and users to locate each other.

4 Vehicle Search & Estimated Time of Approval

Vehicle Search allows users to search for their desired mode of transport. Users can enter their pick-up and drop-off location as soon as they sign in, making the booking process easy. With GPS tracking, ride-hailing provides an estimated time of approval (ETA) to users so they can proceed further.

5 Fare Calculation

Fare calculation adds value to the application. It allows users to bid for the right price and set a reasonable price. This tool made EZ Ride a favorable choice for people who look for transport regularly, allowing them to find commute options at affordable prices.


Ride-hailing provides users with ease and comfort in booking their rides with EZ Ride. By developing this application, EZ Ride meets the increasing demand of users and expands its business by involving multiple users. This application is available on the Google Play store and is downloaded by several users. Our team of developers ensures mobile compatibility and provides maintenance support to optimize performance which helps to nurture our relationship with EZ Ride.

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