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Industry - Photo / Video Design


Daring Design is an AI photo editing service app that saves time and effort by transforming ordinary pictures into captivating ones. This app creates illustrations from photos, retouches interior images, enhances exterior images and adds real objects to photos. It has a wide range of tools that assist users in drawing, painting, sketching and designing.

Apart from these, this app has numerous editing tools and filters to enhance the beauty and shapes of photos. This app offers a rich library of backgrounds with multiple decorative elements which turn your photo into a visual masterpiece. Daring Designs allow users to upload a photo by making edits and is integrated with social platforms.

Business Situation

In today’s competitive business environment, all professionals rely upon visual editing apps to make images more engaging for their target audience. Therefore, a photo/video design app is the need in this era. It helps brands to enhance engagement by creating compelling content with its innovative features. Brands use such apps to create a unique brand identity that helps them to position themselves in the customer's mind.

Daring Design identifies the growing demand for these applications and adapts to the changing market dynamics. They knew in today’s digital era, many of their customers are looking for photo and video design services in a mobile app. To avail of this opportunity and to target potential leads, Daring Designs looked up app development service providers. They found CGT as the best in this domain as per our past projects and vast industry experiences.


Daring Designs creates custom-made content for individuals. It has a wide range of features for visual effects and graphics and animations. We had to incorporate all of these features while maintaining a user-friendly interface, accessibility and compatibility. Our experts’ technical skills and vast knowledge of the latest algorithms were a great help in securing users’ privacy and optimizing performance.


We created a powerful AI Photo editing app with the most innovative features and functionalities. Our main challenge was to incorporate all these features while maintaining a user-friendly interface. For intuitive navigation, we maintain a consistent design throughout the app and develop a simple menu structure with related features together. Our developers ensure app responsiveness and adaptability across various screen sizes and resolutions. Our team collaboratively worked to assure a cohesive and visually appealing interface that is easy to navigate. We added visual cues along with unique features to meet user expectations.

1 UX Design

We use a wireframe approach to create a solid foundation for the subsequent stages of the design process. This approach allows designers to create representations of interfaces that emphasize layout structure, functionality, and user flow. Our designers use whitespace to highlight important elements and use recognizable icons to make the app user-friendly. We used AI algorithms that generate creative effects, such as artistic filters, or realistic background blur which give users a range of options for creative effects.

Our design team presented a layout option that consists of a rounded banner with the brand name at the top. We did experiments with the CTA button to make it a key interactive element of the interface. We integrated Gestures and Touch Controls Features to optimize the interface for touch interactions. Moreover, our accessibility features including Text-to-Speech and Voice Commands enhanced user experience, especially for visual impairment users.

2 UI Design

Our approach to UI design was to ensure consistency between the brand elements and the app visuals. We chose a bright color palette and gradient effects to target millennials while maintaining a balance in visual composition by using a white background. Our designs and color theme creates a cohesive and recognizable visual identity. To ensure text stands out clearly against the background, we optimize color contrast to improve readability. We integrated accessibility features to adjust font contrast and sizes across different devices and screen resolutions.

3 Custom Icon Design

Our task was to create unique custom icons that would give Daring Designs a competitive edge in the intense competition. We had to bring innovative ideas to life to position Daring Designs in the user's mind. Therefore, we integrated different features to allow users to create and customize icons. We added the following functionalities:

  • Pre-designed Icons
  • Icon Customization
  • Trending Icons
  • User-generated Icons
  • Real-Time Preview

4 Other Functionalities

We incorporated the following functionalities to provide users with advanced editing capabilities and creative options that will make their designs aesthetically pleasing.

  • Batch Editing
  • Background Removal
  • Image/Video Stabilization
  • 3D Design and Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Advanced Masking and Selection
  • Blend Modes and Layer Effects
  • Integration with Stock Media


Daring Designs is another successful project of CGT. This project not only revolves around our technical capabilities but also involves our innovative solutions, critical analysis and creative thinking. Our experts are willing to take on such challenging projects which require out-of-the-box thinking and solutions. Soon after the launch of Daring Designs, several million downloads on iOS and Android app stores were observed. We are still monitoring its performance to ensure our client adapts to the changing customers and technological dynamics.

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