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Brick Properties is one of Mississippi’s top real estate agencies. It has an expanded network of potential buyers and sellers which reflects its reliability. Brick Properties has advisers who assist customers in critical decision-making and analyzing return on investment. Due to the shift to digital marketing, Brick Properties needs an app to compete in the marketplace.

Creative Giant Technologies is known for its app-building services. When Brick Properties discussed the needs and requirements for a real estate app, our experience and expertise fit them as we have developed numerous apps related to real estate. We are aware of the latest features that can help a real estate agency achieve differentiation in the marketplace.

How Creative Giants Technologies Contribute to Selling Real Estate Services?

Creative Giant Technologies focus on innovation, excellence and sustainability. We have experts with technical capabilities who can create buying, selling and renting features. With our diverse experience in developing apps across different industries, we are aware of emerging technologies and rising customer demands. Our developers build an app while integrating essential external services and incorporating advanced features to provide ease to online users.


After our discussion with Brick Properties, we planned to develop an app that includes several real estate options, from search tools for ideal houses to various innovative features for the real estate market. Brick Properties wanted an app that serves as a one-stop solution and caters to all housing-related needs. We had to include the latest features while making the application easily accessible to all potential customers. Integrating third-party tools like mortgage calculators, property valuation tools, or payment gateways was the biggest challenge. Moreover, we had to focus on an easy navigation process for which we develop efficient and accurate algorithms to support property search filters and interactive maps.

UX Design Principles

We adopted a mobile-first approach to make this app compatible with smaller screens. We provided adjustable font sizes to enhance usability on smaller screens. By utilizing responsive frameworks and design principles, we build an app that provides a consistent user experience and adapts to different screen resolutions.

User Interface & Experience

For an intuitive user experience, we conduct research to understand user behavior and preferences. We use standard UI patterns to ensure familiarity for easy app exploration. We added visual cues like icons and buttons that allow users to navigate and take actions as per their requests.


To ensure compatibility and accessibility, our experts adhere to WCAG 2.1 standards for inclusive designs. We included keyword navigation support, and focus on graphics to keep the app visually appealing. We ensure screen reader compatibility with adjustable font sizes for users. Moreover, we designed an organized and filtered interface with different sections for each category. We incorporated sorting options based on various criteria such as price, size, property type, and location. For map integration, we added geolocation features to provide users with directions, street views, and nearby locations.

Date Accuracy & Easy Navigation

For data accuracy and easy navigation, we incorporated the following features:

  • Simple and Intuitive Menu
  • Quick Search Bar
  • Navigation Labels
  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • Property Verification Processes
  • User-Generated Content Moderation Features

Hassle-Free Sign-Up Portal

To make the sign-in easy and hassle-free, we installed the following features:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Registration
  • Guest Access
  • Captcha or Anti-Spam Measures
  • Account Verification

User Profiles ( Buyers, Sellers & Agents)

To ensure the authenticity, reliability and credibility of the Brick Properties app, we added the following features.

For sellers:

  • Property Listings
  • Listing Analytics
  • Communication Tools
  • Performance Tracking Features

For Buyers:

  • Favorite Listings
  • Property Recommendations
  • Request Viewing Properties
  • Saved Searches

For real estate agents:

  • Agent Bio and Credentials
  • Agent Listings
  • Client Management
  • Lead Management
  • Collaboration Tools


Today, consumers opt for service providers that bring them to ease and provide timely services. Many customers have shifted to digital technology to solve their problems with the increasing usage of technological devices. Whereas, real-estate apps require high investment and personal details. Therefore, users need assurance and authenticity to rely on an online app.

Brick Properties is an established real-estate agency so we build an app with the best digital app-building practices to enhance user interface and experience. We use the latest security advanced features to protect users’ data and privacy. This app brought an immense increase in sales metrics of Bricks Properties as users started their research through online platforms. We monitor the app's performance to contribute to our client’s success.

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