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Bliss Travel is a reputed travel agency known for its quality services. Bliss Travel agency is truly committed to providing an admirable travel experience so their customers can make memories to cherish later. Bliss Travel has years of experience in the travel industry, making them a trusted partner to book tours for individuals and families.

The agency offers numerous tour plans that cover everything from visa consultation to hotel accommodations. They ensure their customer’s safety and security in the first place, making them more reliable. Bliss Travel has a big name in the travel agency but to sustain its growth and position in the market, it needed a mobile app to target online users looking for a travel agency.

How did Creative Giants Technologies help?

Creative Giants Technologies has a team of experts with vast experience. Our developers are aware of the changing customer dynamics and understand emerging technologies. With our expert’s expanded knowledge and technical capabilities, we have thrived and succeeded in developing apps for our customers. Therefore, we understand how crucial a mobile app was for Bliss Travel to target new potential customers and sustain their business growth in the long run.

To provide our customers with end-to-end solutions tailored to their needs and aligned with their company’s ideology, we involved our clients in each step of developing an app. Bliss Travel wanted distinct features to assist customers in booking tours. They wanted an application that provides users with exclusive custom journeys. Bliss Travels wants features like a search tool for tickets, hotels and rental cars, a trip planner, and features to display local deals, discounts and emergency assistance while ensuring the app is compatible with all mobile devices.


The biggest challenge was integrating the app with external service providers such as multilingual support, hotel accommodations and weather forecast. We need to make the travel and booking process simple and time efficient. Moreover, as users will use the app from different locations, we ensure that the app is accessible and performs well across different network conditions. This would enhance user engagement and customer retention.


We knew Bliss Travel needed an application that serves as a one-stop solution for their customers. Therefore, we incorporated features that cover travel-related needs, show several booking and payment options and inform customers about the latest entertainment options for any location. While including these features, we ensure offline functionality, low battery consumption and accessibility to make the app user-friendly.
We transform Bliss Travel's ideas into reality by establishing robust APIs and integration frameworks. We optimize app performance through code optimization and caching that provide users with seamless connections. Furthermore, our designers worked on the graphics to make the app engaging for viewers. By developing this app, Bliss Travel easily tracks and monitors their performance. They can immediately respond to customer problems, improving their overall customer service.

Easy Booking Process

In today’s busy modern lifestyle, customers go for simple and easy apps that are not time-consuming. Thus, we focus on making the booking process as simple as possible so users can proceed with the booking and navigate to explore all options. We added features like:

  • User-friendly search interface
  • Save user's data for future
  • Smart Suggestions
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Instant Booking Confirmation

One-stop Solution

We assured Bliss Travel’s users that they do not need to check other apps to proceed with the bookings. Therefore, we added the following features:

  • Travel Planning
  • Various Accommodations options
  • Extensive Filtering Options
  • Cab & Ticket Booking Options
  • Profile Management
  • Location views
  • Chat with Hosts

Pricing & Pleasure

Bliss Travel wants to be the best in the travel industry. They had various pricing plans that offered a wide range of services and activities. Our job was to make these tour plans more accessible to potential users. Therefore, we added the following to Bliss Travel’s app:

  • Advanced Search Options
  • Visual Representation of Pricing & Pleasure
  • Substantial deals & discounts
  • Share pricing information through SMS & Emails

Real-time Updates

Real-time information helps track weather conditions, flight status, booking alternatives, and other information essential for tourists and travel agents. Therefore, we included features so users can get accurate information and updates about their desired place:

  • Real-time Updates and Notifications
  • Real-time Availability and Pricing

Customized Travel Experience

Creative Giants Technology has a history of selling qualitative services. Therefore, our developers build apps that align with clients’ needs and demands. We ensure that our app-building services enhance Bliss Travels' brand image by gaining a competitive advantage in the e-commerce travel industry. We add features like:

  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Social Media Integration
  • Travel Guides & Reviews
  • Integrate nearby attractions
  • Navigate routes


After analyzing the pain points of developing an app for Bliss Travel, we went through several stages that led to the successful creation of an app that aligns accurately with our client’s needs. There was an immense rise in the profit of Bliss Travel as the app was loved by potential users particularly because of its comfortable and advanced features. Our team met all the requirements made by the client and delivered the project on time. We deployed this app on the Google Play store and monitored feedback to optimize its performance to the extent that no other app can compete.

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